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Product development

Leveraging 3D microtechnology - We support you in your product development challenges when a high degree of precision, integration and miniaturization is required. This can be a concept study, the provision of a demonstrator, sourcing of a production capability and new product introduction. What makes us special is our strong familiarity with 3D microfabrication techniques and the technology ecosystem.

With our support, you will avoid costly mistakes in the early stages of the development, reduce your time-to-market and identify the full potential of this rather young field to reap the full benefits, which go beyond pure miniaturization.

Consulting and Contract R&D

In the 3D microfabrication space, we can assess the suitability of materials, production technologies and verify design approaches for you – on paper as well as on prototypes. Our access to state-of-the-art fabrication and characterization equipment in our own clean-room facilities and optical lab and our experienced team of microfabrication and industry experts are at your disposal. We are ready when you are.

Further to that, we can review your existing process-, product- and technology-portfolio to identify innovations made possible by 3D microfabrication approaches.

Contract manufacturing

Do you want a demanding part produced to your specifications? We can deliver in quantities ranging from a single prototype to small series volumes.

For contract manufacturing, we use our access to established processes at partners and only bring those enabling technologies in-house which aren‘t available otherwise, allowing us to work in a truly supplier- and technology-agnostic fashion. In combination with our extensive knowhow about 3D nano- and microfabrication and our talent-pool, we will find the optimal solution to your fabrication challenge.

Expertise - Skills which our services leverage

Design for 3D micromanufacturing

With an innovation based on 3D microfabrication it will often be both necessary and useful to rethink the entire product from the design phase to its arrival and utilization by the customer. Accordingly, there will be a number of new interfaces and dependencies between different technologies that need to be accounted for during the development phase. We can setup or review your innovation in order for your learning curve to be steep, quick and successful.

Design for scalable microfabrication

Using additive 3D microfabrication techniques, it is possible to generate shapes that are impossible to make using other techniques but that can still be replicated in scalable manufacturing processes such as injection molding or nanoimprinting. This is useful in itself as a prototyping technique for, e.g., diffractive optical elements.

We can support you in the prototyping stage but also in implementing mass production of the final design.


If your inquiry relates to any of the items below, definitely get in touch with us!

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Use Cases

  • Polymer or conductive 3D microparts
  • Microfluidic parts and prototypes
  • Refractive Micro-optics
  • Diffractive optical elements
  • Biomedical parts
  • High-surface area solid-fluid heat-exchangers
  • Precision machined metal-parts
  • Photonic crystals
  • Encapsulation of complex parts
  • Photomasks
  • MEMS
  • Cell Scaffolds


  • Two-photon polymerisation
  • Precision 3D printing
  • LIGA
  • Atomic layer deposition
  • Selective glass etching
  • Reactive ion etching
  • Maskless lithography
  • Support on semiconductor foundry processes
  • Microinjection molding
  • Nanoimprinting


  • Oxides
  • Ceramics
  • Fused silica
  • Photoresins
  • Thermoplasts
  • Copper, Gold, Nickel
  • Silicon
  • Certified biocompatible materials

About us

We are a team of engineers and scientists with a passion for making challenging microtechnology projects a success. What makes us stand out is our deep experience with fabrication and design techniques in the 3D microfabrication ecosystem. In order to offer the best solution, we want to have as many options at our disposal as possible. Hence, we are working strongly with partners and establish only those technologies in house which act as an enabler and aren't available otherwise. This allows us to work in a supplier-independent fashion and build value-added solutions to our clients' problems.



    Horizon Microtechnologies GmbH is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre in Baden-Württemberg.

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    Abrasion-protective coating on complex shaped nozzles

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  • Process development on molding using 3D polymer microstructures – scientific article in Advanced Materials
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